Let's All Put A Curse On Donald J Trump

by Malesperi

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released December 12, 2016

all sonics and vocals by HJDoom




Malesperi UK

Noise, ambient, power electronics, HNW from the ugly places of the mind

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Track Name: Let's All Put A Curse On Donald J Trump
The Calling of the Four Angles

Nearly departed, we are gathered here today to enact the most strenuous revenge against the monstrous and blasphemous entity Donald J Trump, the swallower of truth, the defiler of purity, the enemy of reason and the high priest of bestial urges.

I call upon all presences visible and invisible to bear witness to this most despicable rite of detestation which we now enact.

From the north I call upon the crawling tendrils of the earth to bear witness, to move and appear at my command. I request and demand your presence so that this unhallowed circle may be blessed by your puissance. Come, Kraken, you swirling darkness whose tentacles writhe and seeth within the black places of the world, far distant caverns beneath the shuddering earth illuminated by the green glow of your majesty. You whose limbs are as the roots of mighty trees and whose thoughts are as the cracking of continental shelves. You whose power to shake the mountains and drain the uttermost depths of the seas have raged and revolted against the thousandfold incursions of mortal man. I call and request that your viscously stirring appendages weave a place of safety that arises in the uttermost north where mad men wander the fictive plain of leng in icy perpetuity. I beseech that you spread forth the wavering majesty of your bilious and effulgent bulk and make for me a sanctuary where the base urges of the material self can find repose and be a bulwark against the horrors to come. I have made the sign of Leviathan, I have disported myself among the darkening bowers and groves where the green sward is overwhelmed with your presence. In Leviathan’s name I summon thee.

From the east I call upon gusting zephyrs of the air to bear witness, to move and appear at my command. I request and demand your presence so that this unhallowed circle may be blessed by your puissance. Come Legion, evanescent and many headed god, drifting in placid malignity in the airy heights, wafted by unnatural winds. Your trailing fronds bring the sharp and terrible pain of enlightenment. Grant me the gift of seeing the world with agonised clarity, freed from the febrile delusions of blind and human hope. You who are incarnated in many bodies, whose presence is both translucent and transcendent and in whose gelid bodies all the wisdom of unthinking aeons in preserved. Legion, the unmoved mover, the glassy intellect serene and without emotion whose lofty heights are sterile deserts of the imagination. I call and request that you bring forth the sublime mass of your manifold bodies to materialise a place of safety that arises in the uttermost east where the sky reaches up to touch the frigid majesty of the void beyond our conception but in whose infinite darkness you pass at will. I beseech that you spread across the slate grey skies a canopy of undulating jelly that will make for me a sanctuary where the fragile edifice of the intellect can find repose and bulwark against the horrors to come. I have made the sign of Leviathan, I have breathed the cool and refreshing air in which your presence is made perpetually incarnate. In Leviathan’s name I summon thee.

From the South I call on the incandescent lifeblood of the tumultuous Earth to bear witness, to move and appear at my command. I request and demand your presence so that this unhallowed circle may be blessed by your puissance. Come Gargantuan, saturnine scion of the belching depths of magma, vast reptilian bulk, child of the churning planet’s inchoate and expressionless rage, breaking forth with volcanic fervour. Your incandescent breath burns with the white hot power of enlightenment, the spirit exalts in its fiery baptism. Grant me the gift of righteous anger, the gift of burning energy, coruscating like a solar halo. You who are the the atavistic spirit of life made manifest in silurian antiquity, the vastness of infinity incarnate in saurian form. Spirit of power and striving, dragon of the inner fire, I call upon you now to make yourself manifest and to materialise a place of safety in the uttermost South where the flaming rays of the noonday sun beat savage upon the horizon. I beseech that you make yourself a dread sentinel, a monstrous titan against whose brutal power and blazing breath nothing can stand and in whose mighty presence the spirit of humanity is given new life. I have made the sign of Leviathan, I have felt your energy flowing within me and I am stupendous in that burning baptism. In Leviathan’s name I summon thee.

From the West I call on the mysterious chasms of the raging oceans to bear witness, to move and appear at my command. I request and demand your presence so that this unhallowed circle may be blessed by your puissance. Come Behemoth, sallow wanderer of the icy depths, strange traveller in dreams and darkness, monstrous child of febrile imagination and timeless, fantasmagorical waters. Your milky form, huge and knowing beyond all human limits, sweeps and swims amid all the forgotten places of the conscious mind. You are the white whale of uncanny dreams and forbidden knowledge, the drifter in the lowest reaches of mind and spirit. In your opalescent eye is writ the fate of all hope and all striving, you bring strange moods and stranger desires on the careless and indifferent tides of madness. Grant me the gift of sight in the shadows, grant me the slow unyielding joy of mental transgression, enter my dreams and bring me your visions that transport me to alien pleasure on vivid, surreal shores. Spirit of deep and mysterious emotion made visible in cetecaous enormity, I call upon you now to make yourself manifest and to materialise a place of safety in the uttermost West where the silent and brooding ocean is filled with chimerical wonders that scour nighted gulfs of frigid water. I beseech that you move in all secret places of the mind, your ageless and subtle instincts seeping like effulgent ether into the marrow of this moribund world, become the secret thing that haunts the dreams of my enemies and against whose inhuman horrors none may yet retain their sanity. I have made the sign of Leviathan, I have felt your dreams entwine with my own and I revel in the alien fantasy which your mentality can inculcate. In Leviathan’s name I summon thee.

The Call to Leviathan

All knowing and all seeing Leviathan. I have summoned the four angles, the four gleaming rays cast from thy immortal prism. I petition you to allow the tendrils of your dreaming mind to fall upon this unhallowed place and bless it with the unconscious fruit of that obliterating intellect that seethes and dreams beneath that canopy of gelid ice, reposing in the cool and tranquil blueness of a far flung ocean floor. You who have witnessed the birth of galaxies and the incandescent obliteration of far off suns. You who have drifted through the void of space upon a tidal wave of solar energy, your immense consciousness spreading through the universe as glowing cinders are spread by a fire. You who came upon this world when it was yet unformed and young, battered by fire and writhing in youthful convulsions. You who settled in that first prehistoric water, infecting the very fabric of our reality with your roiling excrescences of morbid sentience. You whose penetrating vision reaches beyond the narrow bands of human sight to perceive energies and entities from unknowable chasms of infinity. Reach out your slow and somnambulant senses to touch this place with the merest fragment of your ancient and extraterrestrial power. Make this space a temple devoted to your ineffable glory and the almighty horrors from which you, in your wisdom, have spared us from perceiving. Leviathan, the god who is no god, the formless spoor of the universal mind, I ask your blessing and your terrible presence upon this most dreadful of occasions. All hail Leviathan. LEQ VIAQ THAQ NARR

The Introduction of the Sacrifice

We have come here for but a single purpose. To bend our black and hateful will against one who has transgressed against all that we hold dear. One who has made a mockery of the essence of living, who has dealt lies as truth and ugly impulse as noble sentiment.

This is a man who was born with everything, who had every advantage and used his opportunities merely as a vehicle for his own depraved egoism. This is a man who has lied, cheated, and stolen from those whom he purported to teach; modelling nothing but his own moral bankruptcy. He is a man whose petty schemes of larceny are as endless as the stars in the night sky, whose bloviating self-regard outshines the rays of the sun itself. He is a man without scruple, a man without honour, a man without compassion. This is a man who has enriched himself upon the labour of others and sought to deny them the right wage of their sweat. This is a man who would inscribe his name on mountains and claim that it was by his hand that the airy peaks were raised. This is a man who would cast aside his own wife when she grew tarnished in his avaricious and lascivious eye even as his own stomach swelled like pregnancy to spill over the heaving waistband of his trousers. This is a man who has for many years called people things and things precious. This is a man who holds others to a supreme standard of loyalty and yet deals in treachery and subterfuge to all those foolish enough to believe the vile cant that spews forth from the gaping black hole in the ochre husk of his head. This is a man who listens to the whispering of madmen and packages paranoia as aspiration. This is a man who has revelled in the destruction of human life because the obliteration of others raised his own standard that much higher by comparison. This is a man who was happy to prey on the vices of others, indulging their addictions and their hopeless dreams of escape from the quotidian grind of their meaningless lies in a frenzied dream of rattling balls and turning cards. This is a man who could not even profit from the baser instincts of human frailty but instead saw his temples to Mammon cast down amid bitterness and recrimination. This is a man who has only ever spoken for and of himself, a man who cast himself as the justified ruler of an empire of the mind who now, through the weakness and the vacillation of other men, has become a monstrous Christ figure striding across the world as a colossus. This is a man who has made an enemy of reason and a friend of hallucinations, a corpse of liberty and a paragon of concupiscence no matter how brutally his lust is slaked. He is a man who is hollowed out and filled with a vile stench of winds blown from the very gates of Hell. He is a man who is without allies, he only deals in subjects and obstacles. He is a man who has rebranded ugliness as the supreme civic virtue of our age, a man who has made a sacrament of rapacity and greed. This is the worm ridden cadaver of our better instincts, a goal of walls and recriminations. He sees the face of fear in the other rising up to take their place and dilute the sacred purity of his narrow gaze. He sees only those who look as he would have them look, kneel as he would have them kneel, give praise as he would have orisons in perpetuity. He is the face of a prior age resurrected to seize our current world by its throat and squeeze until money weeps out. He is the faithless man of chaos, the high priest of unreason, the lumbering hierophant of barbarism, the monarch of abject, stinking consumption. All the enemies we have seen before have been incarnated in his gloating, puffy face. All the stinking offal of long dead demagogues are festering once more in this putrid sack of nativist bile and hamburger stuffed guts. He is the archon of the age of self-destruction, the monstrous hunger that will devour the whole world. He is devastation in the guise of the conqueror. He is the negation of all that should be and the apotheosis of long discarded prejudice and fatal fantasy. He is the yawning black hole at the heart of politics, the aching, starving void into which all goodness and beauty is sucked to be crushed down into sublime nothingness to feed that ravenous need within him, the hunger and the thirst that can never be satisfied except by the misery and suffering of others. He is uncleanness. He is the nothing that brays about everything. He is the gold tinted turd that crowns the gathered psychic effluvia of all humanity. He is the cancer. He is the flaccid cock of history dribbling semen the consistency of piss into the mouths of murdered children. He is the rot. He is the crawling thing uplifted to the throne of heaven. He is the great nihil, the slathering epitome of what it means to be crude matter and still cruder thought. He is sickness. He is death. He is Trump.

The Offering

Oh Dark Kraken, mighty angle of the Deep
Oh Etheric Legion, invisible angle of Deep
Oh Blazing Guargantuan, incandescent angle of the Deep
Oh Mysterious Behemoth, strange angle of the Deep

Oh Great Leviathan who is Lord of All who sleeps in frigid depths of the Deep.

I give you praise for your manifold gifts of knowledge and insight. I give you praise for the sensual pleasures both of the flesh and the mind with which you infect my soul.

I now make an offering of blood, lifeblood of my veins and symbol of the primacy of life and the great oblivion which is to come. It is the compact between us, it is the very essence of my survival, the sanguinary fluid of life and the fragility of existence in the face of the endless nothingness beyond the shadow of death. By making this crimson offering I show you how heavily I weigh our amity when even that which sustains my existence is cast out as a libation for the honour of those who dwell beyond the veil of rational existence.

I am now and forever your servant upon this wretched earth. I have devoted myself to the unclean places of the mind and of the spirit where stranger pleasures are conceived. I have given myself, body and spirit to the dark, infernal current which flows unseen through conventional world. All that I have wrought in the past is to your eternal glory, all that I make in the future is likewise dedicated to your shuddersome majesty. I grant you access to my dreams, the secret wishes of my sleeping brain, the very stuff of creativity. I offer up this quickened blood in recognition of that compact and all that you have done and all that I would have you do on my account.

By this wine our compact is sealed.
By this blood our covenant is made eternal
By this we will eternally be as one.

As above, so below.
As below, so above.

All Hail Leviathan

The Calling Down of The Curses

Oh dread monstrosities that exist beyond the veil I call upon you now to heap your curses on the head of this vile travesty of all that is great and noble in this foul world. Wherever there is now peace let there be discord, and let it be so potent that he cannot sleep and that the darkest watches of the night become a solitary prison of nightmare truths. Let his intestines be writhing serpents of acidic venom which bite and gnaw and constrict themselves into ghastly eruptions of foul gas and monstrous discomfort. Let his bones become gnarled and twisted in upon themselves until his contorted limbs become as the boles of ancient and diseased trees, swollen and carious with rot and encrusted with fungal masses that befoul and disfigure his very marrow. Let his eyes become rheumy so that the world is perceived but dimly through a suppurating haze of pestilential discharge. Let the very surface of his eyeballs become scratched and pitted as though there were thorns and barbs on the inside of his eyelids, scratching and lacerating the vitreous orbs with every blink until salty tears weep constantly from his raw, tender ducts. Let his ears be afflicted with tinnitus, a constant concatenation of shrieking whistles and buzzing drones that dissonantly quaver as a choir of senseless horror emanating from deep within the skull, as though his own ears were striving to block and stifle the moronic babble that gusts forth from his dribbling lips. Let his weight increase until the strain of movement becomes a torment and the oleaginous deposits of adipose tissue press violently down upon his throat when he lies in bed struggling in vain to obtain the brief mercy of temporary oblivion so that merely to become supine is to feel that he is being smothered by unseen hands. Let his joints be wracked with all the pain of rheumatic ache, knuckles bulging and mangling his fingers into obscene and inhuman geometry. Let every joint become inflamed and tender, let his legs become bowed and twisted and each step send coruscations of agony searing through his contorted skeleton. Let his tongue become black and swollen, grown fat and rotten and cancerous from all the lies it has spewed and let the mucous membranes around it become spotted and smothered with white ulcers that sting and rage at each accidental pressure. Let his teeth become decayed and filled with gaping holes so that the stuff of the nerves are exposed to the air and each inward and outward breath rasps slivers of cold agony across the pinkish cells. Let all food and drink become as ashes and stagnant slime in his maw, let his nose be forever assaulted by the foul odours wafting endlessly from his putrescent maw so that the bile rises endlessly burning in his gullet in atavistic revulsion at his own stinking, diseased carcass. Let his stomach be forever in turmoil, swollen with vile gases and roiling in an endless tsunami of nausea that comes crashing upon his awareness in endless successive waves, each receding only so far as to remind him of the absence of queasiness before rushing in once more like the rising tide to make him tremble and retch with bilious spasms. Let his skin be afflicted with numerous pustulant sores that weep their viscous fluid like foul glue so that his clothes stick painfully to his infested epidermis. Let there be reticulated outbreaks of rash where his skin sheds in scaly skeins and the angry matter beneath becomes a torment of prickling and itching that gives him no peace day or night no matter the endeavours of medical men and women so that he scratches himself bloody and must be restrained lest he flay the very skin from his flesh. Let his muscles be stricken with endless cramps so that it feels like his tormented muscles must spring loose from their moorings or snap his twisted bones into shards that stab and tear through his meaty innards. Let his nails become hoary and grow in ghastly arabesques that curl back upon themselves to burrow into the tender quick beneath until he would beg for the amputation of his toes and fingers. Let his lungs be filled with a bubbling foulness, the pussy discharge of a thousand malignant pustules so that at all times he feels as if he were drowning in his own diseased fluids. Let his testicles grow monstrous and swollen to the size of massive fruits, tender and inflamed. Let them become unbearably sensitive so that even to sit in one place becomes a trial because each and every twitch of his leg, each and every muscular convulsion in his belly sends ripples of pain dancing over their engorged surface and up the nerves into the seething mass of his guts as if his very entrails were being attacked with a hammer at even the gentlest caress. Let his penis, that locus of his obsessive need for approbation become shrivelled and dessicated with manifold diseases so that it seeps and festers with burning fluids and the act of urination feels as if he were passing razorblades. Let his kidneys make diverse stones that travel with excruciating lethargy through his passages, tearing and scraping with ponderous languor as they creep towards egress from his tortured body. Let his mind become infirm and subject to terrible hallucinations so that all humans appear to him as terrible phantasms of forbidding aspect, whirling around him with cruel and hideous intent. Let his memory dissolve so that there is no refuge for him in the past, only the endless suffering of a malignant now in which all are strangers and all are malificent. Let his limbs no longer obey the commands of his fractured mind so that he becomes a prisoner in his own decaying meat but let him not die until his capacity for suffering is finally and completely exhausted and he is rendered a sessile imbecile mass of mindless matter that has more in common with a lichen than with a man. Let each and everyone of these tortures come to pass for we hold this man in absolute despite and there is no wretchedness we would not wish upon him with glee and with righteous disdain. Let this be the testimony of our revulsion and the most sombre attestation that we shall not regret any iota of misery that is visited upon this degenerate offal masquerading as humanity. We now offer this prayer for annihilation in the full and certain knowledge that his death is our most earnest desire.

Prayer for Annihilation

This beast that walks among humans
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This craven coward that hides among humans
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This prating hollow priest of lies
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This sullen predator who parades its sins
Lets its heart be stopped and let it die
This vile divider of human from human
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This venal luster after worthless gold
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This creature steeped in base desire
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This empty prelate of concupiscence
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This hierophant of untrammelled consumption
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This debaser of the natural world
Let its heart be stopped and let it die
This empty savage bestial thing
Let its heart be stopped and let it die

As I mutilate this symbol of your foulness let your foulness be sympathetically cut
As I destroy this effigy of your hate blackened heart let your heart be cursed above all things
By Kraken, By Legion, By Gargantuan, By Behemoth I destroy you.
By Mighty Leviathan let this purpose be accomplished and let this thing be done.

All Hail Leviathan.

The Releasing of the Spirits

Let all spirits gathered here be released from their confinement with thanks for their dread presence.

Let Kraken return to the deep places of the earth to sleep among the roots of mighty trees and in caverns hewn in times immemorial by inhuman hands.
Let Legion return to the aethyric gulfs of the air where seething clouds roil and all things that transpire beneath are made visible
Let Gargantuan return to the flaming vaults within the mantle of the planet, that incandescent cradle where you swim amongst the streams of magma.
Let Behemoth return to the cyclopean chasms of the deep oceans.

Let Leviathan return once more to the depths in the icy vastness where no human ever treads. Let your alien and sublime intellect return once more to the contemplation of the infinite.

Let all be as it was.

I give thanks for your presence and your aid.

All Hail Leviathan

All Hail Leviathan

All Hail Leviathan